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Late travel vaccines are not a reason for urgent appointments.

Due to the health risks of foreign travel and increasingly complex (and changing) nature of which vaccines are required for certain areas of the world, we do not offer travel vaccine advice at the practice. 

Some vaccines for travel are available on the NHS, and some require a private prescription.

We do offer the administration of vaccines associated with travel providing you have sought a consultation for these from an appropriate provider, for example at a Travel Clinic like Kerrsland in East Belfast - see here. There are other clinics available. There is a cost associated with this consultation. (They can also provide and administer the vaccinations there, but there is a cost associated with this.)

You will have a consultation at a Travel Clinic, and they will give you printed advice on which vaccines you need. You can bring this advice, if it is printed and signed, to our practice and we can provide the relevant prescriptions for you, and administer them.


You would take these prescriptions to a local pharmacy who can provide you with the relevant NHS vaccines free of charge, and charge you a fee for the private ones. Please note they need to be kept in the fridge. Your pharmacy may (at their discretion) be happy to keep them for you until your appointment day. You can also leave them into the practice to be stored in the fridge.


You will need to book an appointment with the treatment room to have these administered.

You can see more information about travel vaccines, here.

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