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Test Results

Telephone: 028 9079 8308 - Any time after 2.00pm

Please leave off any samples requested prior to 10.15am due to hospital collection times.

Please ensure that any specimens request of you (such as stool, sputum or urine tests) are labelled appropriately with your name and the date/time of the sample. The labs will reject them otherwise and you will be asked to repeat the sample.

All results have to be checked by the doctor. If the result is satisfactory, the care navigator will give you the result in order to save you time, but if there is a result outside of the normal range, they will arrange for you to speak to the doctor/practice nurse. Information will not be given to another person unless we have your permission.

We cannot interpret or access results from tests that have been requested by doctors or clinicians outside the practice. This includes scan results and blood tests that have been requested or performed in the hospital. Please liaise with the consultant who looks after your care directly; usually by contacting their secretary through the relevant hospital's switchboard.

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